A beach visit and camping on the same day? No problem!

Hikers rarely head to the same destinations as those who love a beach holiday, but Ärjä Island is different.

The island offers kilometres of sandy shores, enough to fulfil the dreams of even the most demanding beachgoer, while the pine forest beyond the beaches is full of lingonberries and blueberries and offers hikers spots to stop for a cup of cowboy coffee and set up camp for the night.

Clever holidaymakers can enjoy both settings. Set up your tent, spend the night outdoors, enjoy your coffee in nature and take an early-morning dip in the lake. A game of beach volleyball with friends and snacks from the summer kiosk are the icing on the cake. What more could you wish for on a summer’s day?

Well, there is one thing. Finish a perfect day with an evening in a tent sauna with your friends. A summer’s day doesn’t get much better than this!

Family favourites among the islands: beach games, nature and sheep

Ärjä Island features gently sloping beaches that are suitable for families with children. After fun and games in the water, it’s time to visit the sheep flock!

The sheep spend the summer on Ärjä Island grazing on the island’s old meadows. If you’re lucky, you may even get a chance to herd the sheep as the island is part of Forestry Ltd’s sheep herding programme. Shepherd or not, you can go and greet your fluffy friends grazing in the meadows.

Hikers will find great trails on the island, the longest of which is the 10-km route that goes around the entire island. There are several easy trails to choose from, so you can select the one that suits you best.

The perfect spot for geocaching, berry picking and taking photographs 

You can get a taste of treasure hunting if you go geocaching, but why not try picking berries and mushrooms as well? There are plenty of birds to spot on the island too. Photographers should keep a finger on the shutter button for funny shots of water birds.

Those who like a little relaxation can take a calming guided trip to the forest or spread their yoga mat on one of the island’s high sandy slopes. The sight of Lake Oulujärvi soothes the mind and body.

Adventurers: Ärjä Island has plenty to offer you too

The island is not just for basking in the sun and patting the woolly backs of the sheep. The clean water of Lake Oulujärvi and the magnificent scenery are best experienced as you paddle into the sunset or marvel at the vast open lake while sitting on a SUP board.

Experienced kayakers can rent a kayak or canoe and take a paddle on their own, while there are also canoeing courses for beginners. This means that you can learn a new skill on your holiday, one that will certainly be useful in the future!

Guests who prefer dry land can rent fatbikes and take a ride in the pine forest and over sandy ridges – expect to experience high speeds, sweat and great views.